Landfill Gas to Energy – Case Studies

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This course focuses on developing financially viable landfill gas (LFG) projects at small or closed landfills (<2 million tons), including successful case studies. Additionally, the course outlines a two-tier strategy to develop a successful project. This discussion will present various options for creating a successful project including equipment selection and methods of revenue generation.

Upon completion of this course, the attendee will be able to:

  • Discuss landfill owner benefits of implementing LFG production and the challenges to financial viability
  • Apply the steps required to determine viability of a LFG project
  • Define the mechanics of the LFG system
  • Discuss LFG successes and challenges of the Black Creek Renewable Energy site and the Sampson County Disposal site
  • Demonstrate the steps required in LFG permitting and contract negotiations
  • Describe emerging & limited use LFG technologies
  • Demonstrate successful design and installation considerations

Course Length
76 minutes