Energy from Organic Wastes

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Extracting renewable energy from organic wastes has gained much attention in North America. Driven by their desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, some states have passed regulations that promote creation of renewable energy through anaerobic digestion. This presentation will focus on the anaerobic digestion process from collection through post-processing and present simulated case studies that walk through the process of selecting different AD and biogas technologies and systems.

Upon completion of this course attendees will understand some of the key considerations in:

  • Determining objectives in managing Organic Wastes;
  • Understanding which aspects of existing collection systems define the best choice of an Anaerobic Digester technology;
  • Understanding the different types of commercially available of AD systems;
  • Understanding the variabilities in digester reduction of volatile solids and creation of biogas; and
  • Understanding the economic drivers that will define the success of a project.

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